Apple Safari 5.1.7 is the latest release of which has recently become a popular Internet browser. To date, this is one of the fastest and optimized applications for the Internet. In this version, of course, have their fix. But to say that they are some kind of global, no. Simply improve the work itself of the program.

Key Features Of Apple Safari

The main focus in this release is made on the optimization of the engine, previously developed for the functioning of the systems is running Mac OS, and is now available for the operating systems Windows. However, the basic functions and features of the changes are not particularly concerned. Just as in previous releases, work with tabs made in the main program window. Fairly well organized and loading pages. Compared with other browsers, pages downloaded much faster. An interesting feature is the treatment of content loaded pages directly in the program without any additional plug-ins and tools. First of all, it concerns renedringa 3D-images and graphics, as well as listening to different kinds of music content. Similarly, very decently organized anti-blocking function tabs. This is what hangs some one tab, the program allows you to switch to the other, and the user does not need to shut down the application and make a restart.

download-apple-safari-5-1-7-windows-xp-vista-and-7As for security, it is, as always, at the height, because even equipped with the Phishing Filter. Incidentally, the program does not block suspicious sites, and prompts the user to perform a certain action. Everything else, and you can view the page by using the mode "invisible." This is useful in cases where the user does not want to save the history as well as traces of their action on the web.

Search engine and a set of addresses of sites remained the same. And just as in earlier versions of the application, the main window of the program may Execution programming languages. Such there is no one of the most famous web browser.

Generally it is worth noting that this software considering that was developed for use in the operating systems such as Mac OS X, for the first time in all history has been optimized to run on Windows XP, Vista and 7.