Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Free is classified by the developer itself as a universal package of tools for your image collections. Shortly thereafter, just install the program several tutorials will try to explain the basics of Photo Commander 12.

With it, you can view all the photos only way to computer, and make dozens of changes. You can remove small errors of the images, enhance the colors of the photographs (saturate them or leave them with cooler tones), improving the levels of lighting and shadows, make collages of various items, remove red eye, apply cool filters add various professional effects to photos, add text, and more.

A Real Organizer

Your images are automatically separated into folders for you to see them better. The interface is divided into three areas: on the left, the folders, the middle, the viewer albums, and on the right side, the editor. On top of all this, we find a menu that is changed according to the frame you choose, always with self-explanatory icons to guide you through the tasks available in each area.

You can choose how to organize the images, which are separated into separate folders for days, events, months, even for formats as you want (all in columns for easy viewing). Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Free also lets you perform batch conversions, either to rename, move or convert the formats of the photographs.

In addition, you can create presentations, calendars, panoramas, frames and even cards with the files. If you are unsure how to optimize images, you can ask for Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Free realize the best automatic mode settings. This action can be done by clicking the  Optimize, several specific options are displayed for you.


Review Of Ashampoo Photo Commander 12

If you have hundreds of photos on your computer and do not know how to organize them, edit them and make them more beautiful in a practical way, simple and fast software such as Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Free can be extremely welcome. Entirely in Portuguese and free, this is a quality program and can be used both by people less familiar with the genre as applications for advanced users.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is essentially a photo organizer and editor. The interface with clear icons, and self-explanatory menus in Portuguese helps you in navigation - which takes place smoothly. Also, thanks to the initial tutorials, which explain the main features of the software, it is even easier to locate in the media functions.

Varied functions concentrated in one place
The program offers a wide range for editing photos, since you can apply filters, text, make collages, remove red eye, enhance colors, changing light levels, shadows and more (aspects that can also be done in Batch editions). The fact that you can do all this automatically, with a single click, is something that is also welcome.

Perform simple touches or complete modifications You choose. It is true that the publisher is not as robust as other more dedicated programs of the genre, but can make changes efficiently. The editor is very effective, able to separate the pictures into different categories for easier viewing of albums.

You can also customize these settings, sharing images on dates, events, locations and more. Whoever software that can organize the mess of image folders and even break leaving them far more beautiful, all with just a few clicks, you can find in Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 an excellent program.


Simple and straightforward interface

Great pictures organizer

Editing easily pictures

Excellent tutorials to enter the commands


No cons

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Download