Ashampoo WinOptimizer, as perhaps understandable, free software package utilities to optimize the operating systems Windows. The whole package includes a set of simple, but, at the same time, powerful tools that allow you to get work "OSes", as if you have just installed it.

Key Features Of Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Surely, every user knows that with time the operating system starts to slow down somewhat. The reasons for this may be as much as necessary. Primarily, this is due to the installation and removal of programs and downloaded the registry. It is therefore start system starts to take a longer time, compared with a clean system. Understandably, because when Windows starts completely scans the system registry. And what it is, the more time is required. In addition, after the removal of some software products are non-removable files in the form of dynamic libraries that can run in the background and use memory overload.


This software allows you to optimize the performance of the system and has a pretty good opportunities. Among the main features worth noting deep scan of the registry (utility Registry Optimizer), which allows you to automatically correct the misconceptions and remove obsolete or unnecessary keys. The application has a built-intelligent disk defragmenter, anti-spyware module (Anty Spy), manager of the context menu of tools to improve cleaning disks Drive Cleaner, a utility to remove traces of Internet surfing (and also files Cookie) called Internet Cleaner, and quite large set of tools for fine-tuning of the operating system Tweaking Tool. By and large, this is not all that gives the package to work with the system settings.

If you are a novice or inexperienced user, you surely will like the automated configuration utility One-click Optimizer. This utility allows one-click fix all the problems on your computer using the automatic mode. Diagnostic Tool is divided into several tasks in groups and priority. It allows you to view what actions are executed at the moment, correct all errors and view a full report of cleaning operations of the system.

Generally, in the world of computer technology, this software is one of the leading places, as has pretty good opportunities not only to clean the system from unnecessary waste or spyware, but also on the detailed settings of the operating system as a whole. So, it is suitable for use as power users and users with minimal knowledge in optimizing Windows.