Auslogics Disk Defrag - program, which is one of the most powerful and fastest hard drive defragmentation. The program is quite large and can achieve very high processing speed, analyzed data, and, in fact, the process of defragmentation.

The Main Features Of Auslogics Disk Defrag

To begin with, we note that the speed of this software is really quite superior to the standard tools of Windows operating systems and very correctly works with file systems FAT 16/32 or NTFS. Generally, the program uses a number of unique algorithms to safely and quickly analyze and organize the structure of the files on the hard disk of the computer and, as a consequence, increase the speed of applications Windows. For example, this can be achieved due to the fact that the system files in the defragmentation process to move faster and the area of ​​the hard drive, and the spare area is cleaned MFT. In addition, the app has a unique feature to prevent fragmentation. The fact that the defragmentation process is performed so that the free area of ​​the hard disks are combined into one continuous block.

If we talk about the interface and basic functions of the program, there is nothing complicated. All operations are easily accessible. An interesting feature of this software is the ability to run applications in the event of system downtime. On the other hand, the program has a flexible built-in scheduler, with which you can set your own schedule processes. But that, in general, somewhat unusual for a program of this kind, so it's even the ability to defragment individual files or folders. Although, the application has full integrated support for multi-terabyte disks and volumes, as well as work with multiple drives simultaneously.

Before starting the defragmentation program analyzes the state of the hard drive and shows a full list of the files that are to be defragmentation. At the end of the process of organizing files a user receives a detailed report of what files have been defragmented, and what actions have been made.

download-auslogics-disk-defrag-pc-windows-xp-vista-7-8Indeed, the program is one of the best applications of this kind, as has a relatively high speed and very simple interface. Do not forget about some of the additional features and a rather strong support disks and volumes of large volume. And of course, deserves special attention that the application in an interesting way combines free zones hard drive, preventing fragmentation. In general, the program is executed "perfectly well".