Autohotkey - first of all, the program aims to facilitate users to use the computer. It was created to override the so-called "hot" keys. Moreover, this applies not only to the keyboard, but the mouse buttons or joysticks. Application possibilities are quite large, since it can help to simplify the management of, if not all processes, then at least most of them.

Key Features Of Autohotkey

Let's start with the fact that the distribution of such a useful program practically does not take place. He "weighs" about 2.6 MB, that the application of such a level quite a bit. Installation usually does not cause problems. On the other hand, you get a pretty powerful tool with which you can automate almost everything.

Quite elementary, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to absolutely any sequences of mouse clicks or joystick button action that you use most often. For example, it may be different management software media players, switching between different windows or applications, or their call, open or close files while maintaining (without prompting to save the file) and much more.

Storing commands in this program is based on the three versions. You can record and clicks the mouse or the keyboard manually or use writing macros. This will require some additional knowledge. And the first two options are perfect for those who are using the macro just do not come across.


One of the most interesting features is the purpose of "hot" keys to deploy predefined abbreviations in full text. Well, for example, you specify, for example, to view the biography of Beethoven citing Wikipedia reduction "BB". Following the appointment of keyboard shortcuts, commands, or other action will open the full article. And that's not all features of the program.

It is quite strengths of the program should also be considered and fully customizable user interface which, in principle, already is quite simple. But as they say, the taste and color ... Besides, any script specified in the program, with absolutely no effort can be converted into an executable file format EXE, that allows the use of such scripts, even on computers that are not installed.

Finally, it is worth noting that the program is distributed for free. The only thing more upsetting is the lack of localization. However, there were craftsmen volunteers who have made a complete translation of the instructions for use of this application. So, on the internet you can find it.