Avant Browser is one of many applications that represent something other than a web browser. As stated by the developers of this software, this program is much faster than all the other programs of this type.

Key Features of Avant Browser 2015

The program itself Avant has a fairly limited feature set, which is the standard for this type of programs. Naturally using this browser, you can engage in internet surfing, browse relevant information or download files.

However, this application called unique, does not work. The trouble is that in most cases its functioning program relies on setting it Internet Explorer. In other words, what settings have Internet Explorer, will be exactly the same and this browser.

Like many programs of this kind Avant Browser 2015 allows you to work with web pages, viewing their contents and given Internet Explorer settings to block pop-up windows and no need to advertise.

download-avant-browser-2015-build-5-windows-xp-7-8The advantages of this program is, in general, not in innovation, which allows you to restore a session as improper shutdown or when you restart, that is, including the program, you will be re-displayed page, the default or last page of the same visit. But the interesting and the most important feature of this program is the ability to create a screenshot. That is, when displaying any web page, you can always use this function to save the image of what is on the screen in graphic mode. This is perhaps the most interesting feature, which is peculiar to the application. In this case, the program works as a fairly well-known application Skype. Similarly easily using a couple of mouse clicks, you can save the screen image, and later edit it in any available editor.

In principle, most likely, the software developed is not uniform as a universal product, probably as a kind of setting (faster), for all known browsers. And we must pay tribute, the program is not particularly affect the performance of the entire operating system and does not load the system resources as it does, say, Internet Explorer. If you find a portable version, the problem will disappear by itself.