AVG AntiVirus 2015 - popular enough reliable and fast antivirus, free for home use. Developed by AVG Technologies. With low system requirements, a simple interface and frequent updates of the virus database, the program is perfect almost any user. To evaluate the AVG AntiVirus, you can download the program for free.

Resident Shield antivirus automatically checks for possible infiltration into the system startup, executable and macro viruses, and is taking steps to remove them and infected files. Component E-mail Scanner automatically scans all outgoing and incoming mail. A distinctive feature of the program is that when you turn on your PC AVG AntiVirus scans the boot sectors of the disk and main memory, and then only allows booting OS. After download is complete, AVG puts an icon in the system tray, from which it can easily be run as needed. Component On-Demand Scanner carries out routine checks the computer - on a schedule or manually. It is very convenient for the user and is used in other known anti-virus.

It is worth noting that the virus database updates occur automatically. In addition to the basic components of the program AntiVirus, Anti-Rootkit and Anti-Spyware, there is a useful component of the PC Analyzer, which analyzes your computer, identifying problems with registry errors, junk files, errors fragmentation and disk, invalid shortcuts. From identity theft and protects your sensitive information Proactive Defense Identity Protection.


Comprehensive protection for searching and visiting the web pages provides component LinkScanner. With it the PC will not only well protected from Internet attacks, but also you will be able to determine the security of visited sites. In addition, the new version provides support for Windows 8 and the "cloud" service checks the reputation of files, which is important for the modern user.

The program is convenient and practical interface with thoughtful design. Especially worth mentioning effective and easy-to-use firewall. Its settings are easy to understand and use, which simplifies the personalization of network access to applications. The firewall also helps in scanning the links on combating spam and hacking into Wi-Fi networks.

To get powerful free protection for your PC, try AVG AntiVirus 2015, user feedback is very positive. This is the ideal solution for computer security for the average user, which contains everything you need, even in the free version. Paid version has the ability to obtain technical support, more flexible configuration of the scheduled migration and the ability of the user interface.

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