BearShare - one of the most successful and best program for searching and downloading files from file-sharing networks of any type. The program works on the basis of application of the principle of technology Gnutella download and distribute downloads P2P (peer-to-peer), that is, has all the necessary features that use reproving network.

Key Features BearShare

This software is available in two basic versions. Free release, of course, has some limitations compared to the paid version. It is expressed primarily in the fact that in the free version is not possible to access the chat. The rest of the functions are stored in full.

As with many applications of this type, this program has a very simple and intuitive interface. By and large, it will be able to deal with users at all levels, even those who had similar software products do not come across. The very use of the program, almost completely automated. You simply need to add a reference to the original list, and the program will start to download a fully automatic mode. Actually, like many programs.

One of the most convenient features is the presence of an advanced search of any type of content. You can easily find anything you want. This may be not only, say music, videos, games, or software, but also office files such as word documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. In principle, the restriction does not exist here.

download-bearshare-windows-xp-7-8Screen as readable list, which, except for the name and source file download will be listed many additional properties and associated information that is in some cases quite comfortable.

As already mentioned, the free version does not have access to the chat and some limited control over the connection. However, according to many users of the software, it is not in any way can not interfere with the main purpose of the application. The reason is quite simple. The fact that most users do not use the online chat feature, they are more interested in the speed and download time. As far as the connection control, the program selects the speed automatically, and, at the highest level. So if you like the ease of use and complete automation of the process of finding and downloading any kind of content from file-sharing networks, this program is really worth your attention.