Boom Audio Player - program, which is one of the easiest media players present, as is already clear for listening to music tracks and songs. First of all, it is designed for entry-level users who do not need super-modern possibilities of programs of this type, or users who prefer a minimum of settings and quick access to the music library.

Key Features Of Boom Audio Player

The most important and main advantage of this software is that it does not require installation on your computer's hard drive, that is ,, is designed as a conventional portable version and can be run from any removable media, including, say ordinary flash drives, disks, removable USB- device or memory card used in mobile gadgets.

No less important is the strict registration interface with full minimization. In the main window displays the list of songs played. On top there are buttons for basic operation. In other words, all the information is right in plain sight. Incidentally, in such a small program used an interesting system when opening music. For example, you can specify the composition itself, artist, album and year of release, or use the manual search by location of folders or files on the hard drive. In addition, one of the strengths of this player is to support a variety of musical audio formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack (MPC), WavPack, WAV, AIFF, MP4 / M4A, WMA, etc. And very very pleasantly pleased, because it multilanguage support.


In general, this is the basic set, which is used in almost all areas of the program. But here, too, lacks fundamental flaws. Since the program absolutely no means to improve the sound in the form of DSP-modules or effects. Although, would be some simple EQ, not to mention the extension of the module. And it is quite distressing inability to rewind the track. That is, the need to listen to each song in full or switch from one another.

It is easy to use, low settings and work without installation on the hard drive and make it popular among users of the application. Moreover, among the users of any level and have music lovers who prefer to listen to, say, the entire album in full, and do not jump on several locations of the composition. In this case, the program shows itself at the highest level. Even an ordinary flash drive can record not only the halyards of the program itself, but also the music for later listening. That is called, and always will be everything you need at your fingertips.