CamStudio is an interesting software products created to record everything that happens and is displayed on a computer monitor. This is what allows you to use it to create all kinds of presentations or training courses on work with any program in the video format. The quality of the final video file will depend on the setting and the availability of installed audio and video codecs.

Key Features Of The program CamStudio

To begin, a few words about the program itself. It comes in two versions. The first version I is stationary software, and the second is a portable version that does not require installation on your computer's hard drive and can be used with any removable media, whether it drives, flash drives, removable USB-devices or memory cards used in mobile phones .

As for working with the program, it must be said that the writing process is simple and convenient. In this case, the user has the opportunity to not only get a picture of the whole space of the monitor, but you can select individual regions, which record and will be made. Also, there is a rather interesting choice of the form of the cursor, highlighting his or even completely hide the screen. It is quite convenient as applied specifically to create training videos, where trained staff attention should be focused on a particular element. In addition, there is a special setting that allows you to specify the movement of the active region for recording with the cursor, which only adds to the activity concentration.

As mentioned above, the output format is a video file. To save the results are available two basic formats. This AVI or SWF. The first format is a standard video, and the second most common Flash-movie. It seems the quality is preferable to use the first format, but the size of the saved file is more suitable Flash. But it depends only on the needs of the user. Also note, the program has many options of audio and video, most of which relate specifically to FAQ. For videos, you can specify, for example, the preferred frame rate or quality for audio have their own settings associated with sampling and frequency characteristics. Again, it all depends on the codecs themselves. It is clear that if a codec does not support a particular feature, milked something supernatural does not work, no matter how you tried.

download-camstudio-windows-xp-7-8-pc-55613213215165Actually, I must say that the program is very easy to use, even by ordinary users, because, quite simply allows you to record video from your screen, and the sound from the microphone. Moreover, the application has its own default settings and a few standard variations. So, the problems with the choice of the required quality should arise.