CCEnhancer is a small but quite functional add-on to one of the most popular programs, optimizers operating systems Windows, which is called CCleaner. It's pretty much extends the main features of the original, and you can use it with going to the set, additional modules as one of the most powerful tools to optimize your system performance without having to install third-party software products.

Key Features CCEnhancer

First of all, users who install the CCEnhancer, should clearly realize that this application, even as the name implies, is simply the application of the main functions of the expander. Yes, this is understandable. On assurances of developers, this add-in adds the ability to more than five hundred of the main program of extra utilities to fine tune and control the entire system.

Initially, the program, the original was created to speed up the operating system, only in the case of the removal of traces of the Internet: temporary files, cookie and cleaning of hard disk space occupied by unnecessary files and settings. Moreover, one could produce a complete cache cleaning.

CCEnhancer allows a very deep cleaning of the operating system, not only from the traces of the Internet, but also the hard disk and system registry. How the program works is quite simple and is based on original treatment system winapp2.ini, which is present in the parent program. CCEnhancer allows removal of even such seemingly does not delete files by standard means of Windows, as index.dat. Moreover, the program allows you to change even system configuration files, as well as incorrect or invalid registry entries. By and large, this option allows you to configure the Windows startup menu even up and running in 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


Among other things, CCEnhancer allows any user to add the system to optimize their own rules and some definitions and exceptions. Some built-in and, quite often necessary applications, such rules without thinking long, you can take directly from the forum on the website of the developer of the software. If we talk about the interface, it is pretty simple and supports multiple languages. CCEnhancer can deal with users at all levels, who has ever struggled with the program, the original.