The program Ccleaner is one of many to date tools to edit, clean and optimize your system registry and delete unnecessary junk from your computer. It is no secret that any operating system at startup reads the registry, and only after that made ​​her full load. And the more the registry, that is, the more it records and references (especially to non-existent files or the wrong keys), the more time it takes to load the whole system.

Key Features Of Ccleaner

The program is designed both for experienced users and all those who have no experience with this kind of applications. It is clear that an experienced user can find the wrong key or a link to the remote system registry files yourself. And what about those who can not or do not want to do it?

The answer is simple. You must use the automatic operation of the application. The program will automatically find the problematic registry entries and delete them. Similarly, it is easy to search for and delete files cookies, completely erased the history of surfing the Internet, various types of search queries or temporary files. By the way, can be removed completely elementary and temporary files that remain after use third-party applications. In general, the set of supported applications is quite wide. These include, for example, browsers, Firefox, Netscape, Opera applications like Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Kazaa, Office XP, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, Alcohol 120, WinAce, WinRAR, GetRight, WinZip, Morpheus, Download Accelerator Plus, VirtualDub , ZoneAlarm, and much, much more.


As for unused or outdated links to files, the application is organized very high quality search and removal of unnecessary dynamic library DLL, which is quite charged to the operating system itself as a whole. Removing all this rubbish, you can not only free up space on your hard drive, but also to improve overall system performance. Especially, the program is very well-behaved and when working in the file system FAT32. This primarily relates to the safe disposal of unwanted files.

Pretty good program works with various types of accelerators and loaders, after which, too, is quite a lot of "stuff".

As for the unit itself, the problems it obviously does not. One need only follow the instructions in the wizard. Yes, and the installation distribution in recent releases takes a little Bole 3 MB.