ClamWin Antivirus - program, which is freely available and free virus scanner, designed to work in the operating systems Microsoft Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7. The program is open source, that is licensed under GNU GPL.

The Main Features Of ClamWin Antivirus

If we talk about the basic functionality of the product, then immediately is worth mentioning that the program can not be used as an anti-virus monitor, because such is simply not available. In other words, the application is unable to penetrate the system to scan files on the fly, or, so to speak, in real time. It can only operate as a scanner on demand. Incidentally, these scanners have almost any antivirus software. Nevertheless, the program deals with their duties effectively enough.

If we talk about the use of the program, everything is simple. After the end of the installation process, all major application commands are embedded in the context menu and installs additional module (plug) to the email client Outlook. Call on demand scanner can produce it from the drop-down menu such, or else, when you start the program manually. In addition, you can use an optional scheduler that specifies the schedule for scanning that ultimately eliminates the constant call of the program. Provided that the application does not have its own anti-virus monitor in the mail client it without any problems defines potentially dangerous attachments that may be contained in the emails and deletes them. Note that removes rather than treats, as do many known to date program. Plus, it really is good news, antivirus databases are updated automatically and fundamentally user participation in this process do not require.

The application itself has a simple intuitive graphical interface, which is able to understand the user of any level of training, especially because all the basic commands are right before your eyes. By and large, even in settings does not make sense to go, because it all to a certain extent automated. Of course, if you are an experienced user, who has had to deal with such applications, you can change them to your liking.

As a result, it should be said that as a full anti-virus program such use does not make sense. This is especially true in cases where a computer terminal is accessed to the Internet. This application is in no way is not able to protect you from being there threats. I think, most of all, this software is designed to work in already infected operating systems. And here is the application and shows its advantages and dignity.


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