CleanMem is one of the most unique and versatile tools to clean your computer's RAM. And, most interestingly, the program works on a slightly different principle than the rest of the application used in this area. Program features, of course, is not unlimited, but increase system performance can not quite bad.

Key Features CleanMem

To get started is to turn to the question of why do I need this utility, and what is the general principle of operation of the program. The fact that the operation of any application, the system begins actively to use system RAM are loaded into it the necessary software components, for example, dynamic libraries, device drivers used by the program, and so on. G. At the moment when the memory becomes overloaded, the system simply does not have the resources and it begins to actively carry this stored in the RAM in the so-called swap file. The operating system it is designated as pagefile.sys. But! This is where the main problem lies in the speed of the system, because access to the halyard swap is an appeal to the hard drive. Of course, the lower the rotational speed of the hard drive, the lower speed access. And that is why we are dealing with a slowdown of the system as a whole.

This same program will not affect the processes associated with the transfer of information to the paging file or optimization. On the contrary, thanks to the built-in scheduler, the utility accesses the memory every 30 minutes, freeing up space. In other words, the program itself is just reserves some space in memory to optimize loading. This is achieved is another important aspect. In this case, if there is a reserved space, the operating system does not apply to the file, and does not slow down the speed of the programs and associated components. Moreover, the operation of the program takes place in the background without any user intervention from the outside. Moreover, the installation file is ridiculously small. Its size is only 2.66 MB for stationary version and 1.18 MB portable version. Of course, supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture of the operating systems Windows.

download-cleanmem-pc-windows-xp-7-8It is clear that to achieve acceleration "iron", you simply will not succeed. But that's it for users who have computers with a small amount of RAM, this program is suitable, as well as possible. In any case, to increase performance is better to put extra memory strip, however, many of the utility will be able to help. As mentioned above, the versatility of the program is that it has a small size of the installation file does not require user intervention and running in the background, without overloading the system. It is sometimes compared with the effect of restarting the computer, when fully cleared RAM and system cache. Toldko in this case a restart is not absolutely required.