Clonezilla - a versatile program for creating an operating system image, write it on removable media, whether it is an optical disc or flash drive normal, and the most rapid disaster recovery in Windows operating systems in the event of a failure or even a complete kraxa.

Key Features Clonezilla

Immediately, we note that among all members of the software products of this type, the application is distributed free of charge.

With regard to the principle of operation, that unlike many backup programs, the main module runs continuously in real-time in the program simply does not exist. In other words, the program does not follow the upgrade backup and synchronize changes made to files and folders.

But the great advantage of the program is that it works on the principle LiveCD or LiveUSB. This means only one thing. Once making a snapshot of the system, you can restore it even before downloading. To do this, set the BIOS to boot from the appropriate devices and save the settings. After the start of the boot process will automatically detect all the components needed for recovery. The very interesting thing is that the developers can not only restore the system files, and programs that are on your computer at the time of the backup. The usual Windows tools previously installed software components or drivers simply ignore them or delete them. In this case, the rollback is fundamentally different. You never know what you might need one or the other program. Here certainly think about what to use to restore the system using Clonezilla or reinstall the appropriate program. And if this is time consuming and takes a lot of space program (meaning the distribution)? This is where comes in such a utility. Even in spite of the absence of the installation package, after the restoration of all previously existing components will work as if nothing had happened.

download-clonezilla-windows-pcThese characteristics distinguish the application of most programs. Of course, it is a pity that there is no module that monitors the synchronization. But, once creating an image, you can be sure that the system will be restored, because it means the rest are so good at work, such as applications, operating on the principle Live, and producing recovery even before loading the operating system from the hard drive of your computer.