Cloud System Booster - one of the newest and most innovative tools for computer maintenance and optimization of operating system settings to improve performance. Of course, the app has a lot of standard features and capabilities, however, the use of the program of the latest cloud technologies systems allows to achieve a much higher level of optimization.

Key Features Of Cloud System Booster

Like many utilities of its kind in this software product provides the most basic functionality. Here you can find a variety of tools and settings to optimize your system registry by deleting unnecessary or outdated links, fix invalid entries, and so on. E., Clearing the hard drive and partition of unnecessary garbage (temporary Internet files, files and folders left after incorrect removal of software and much more).

Furthermore, the use of cloud technologies and user ratings of this application displays a new level. If we talk about cloud technology, here it is possible to connect directly to the cloud server that is constantly laid out the latest software updates and the latest developments in this area. And it is here in the case of any failure in the system, you can restore all the data and return to the original state of the system and the settings that existed before.

User ratings play an equally important role. The fact is that this software is used by dozens (if not hundreds) of thousands of users worldwide. And they leave their comments and suggestions on the feasibility of connecting a particular function or program settings. Developers on the basis of such ratings are constantly improve the performance of your application. Not surprisingly, the updates appear very often.

download-cloud-system-booster-v3-5-pc-windows-xp-7-8Interesting is the fact that the program is intended for use not only by users who are far from such processes. She has a special expert mode in which the experienced user can find many additional settings and functions that are not regulated by default. However, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to do at the current time. Although, if you look, the application and the system is equipped with a rollback to a previous state, during which fully restores all settings and components that were included in the operating system before the start of the optimization process.

Thus, the optimization of the operating system is really a new level. Cloud technologies are gaining momentum, it is no surprise. But their application in the field of validation and optimization of personal computers, it is really something new.