CM Security Antivirus is good because it can not only identify and address the real threats, but also to inform potential. In addition, the CM Anti easily save you from adware and spyware, if the system detects.+

Next forte CM Security - is the search algorithms and analysis of vulnerabilities. As we know, even a safe program from trusted developers can cause identity theft or contamination. All this happens when the attacker first reveals a critical error in some popular programs.

Search malware and vulnerabilities CM Anti produces in a single module. After checking summary table shows the antivirus applications that are dangerous, where is the right description of the problem and the solutions.

For example, when malware is detected it is expedient to simply delete and if CM Security refers to the vulnerability, in most cases, the Board will download the new version, which has already been corrected or that problem.

Individual attention, auxiliary modules CM Anti such as: blocking calls, search for debris, memory optimization and protection applications.

Blocking calls CM Security is a fairly simple mechanism of "black" and "white" lists. You enough to indicate or select a number from the magazine and more you will never be bothered by any calls from this number or SMS messages.

Module to find garbage and optimize memory CM Anti inherited Famous Clean Master - in one software developer. It will help you find and remove junk files and remaining in the system, as well as optimize memory.

Features CM Security Antivirus For Android

• AppLock
- Blocking applications and password protection.
- Lock pictures, galleries and messages from prying eyes and curious friends.
- Do not let your children buy unnecessary applications / games.

• Locate Family
- Locating your loved ones on the map when you add family members to the group.

• Anti-theft and Phone Search
- Locate your phone on a map
- Enable loud siren to find the device
- Lock the device to protect personal data

• Scan System and Application
Scanning preset and installed applications and file system to protect your smartphone or tablet from viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware.

• Scan SD-Card
Scanning external SD-card to detect and remove threats.

• Scan during installation
prevents damage to the device checked in real-time when you install new applications and updates.

• Scheduled Scan
regular automatic scans to maintain the security of Android-based device.

• Clean unwanted files
Clean system junk files by 50% more efficient than its competitors.

• Call Blocking
Block unwanted calls on your own.

• Secure web surfing
Block malicious URL-links and protection against phishing websites with instant warning of threats.

Benefits Of CM Security Antivirus:

User-friendly interface;
Support for the Russian language;
Competent system optimization;
Powerful anti-virus algorithms;
Useful add-ons;
Regular updates of antivirus databases;

Disadvantages Of CM Security Antivirus:

Not found;


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