Comodo IceDragon is another clone of the famous and popular browser Mozilla FireFox. The company itself is one developer has already released a cloned version of Google Chrome called Combo Dragon. Apparently, the developer decided not to stop. But the feature set, compared to the original, and by the "dragon", according to many experts, is poor.

Main Features Of Comodo IceDragon

By and large, the possibility of a new program basically meant nothing new, and most functions are identical Mozilla FireFox and Combo Dragon. However, many argue that there is present a considerable number of defects. For users of the post-Soviet space is primarily expressed in the absence of crack, which naturally reduces the browser's popularity in these regions. Too many complain and to delay the update (although for FireFox such updates come out regularly), and the lack of a portable portable version that could work even without the mandatory installation on the hard disk.

However, not all bad. The main functions of the browser for the most part preserved. What undoubtedly pleased, this ease of management and configuration program. All the necessary links and buttons are right before your eyes. Moreover, in the window shows the reference history of visits, downloads, bookmarks, additional plug-ins and, in fact, themselves setting.

download-comodo-icedragon-browser-pcAll tabs, as usual, will open in the same window. And, does imply a fairly tight integration with resources such as social network Facebook. For this, there is even a separate button on the top right of the panel. So, to share some link you can even without calling itself a social networking page, which is pretty convenient, although not new.

Among other things, QC and last clone there is a possibility of using an alternative DNS-server which allows protection from potentially dangerous sites, phishing, and also, to some extent, to accelerate the work of the browser itself. Incidentally, the security check contents of sites can be made using the context menu, hyperlinks or special function Comodo SiteInspector, for which also has its own button on the panel.

Overall, the program is something new has. In all likelihood, the manufacturer in the future will increase the basic functionality. So far, the program remains somewhat "damp" and does not claim to originality. Distributive, like many software products of this type has a volume of about 26 MB. Hopefully, the developers still try to make this program a full-featured and reliable Internet browser.