Comodo Programs Manager - quite a handy utility for managing software installed on your computer. Features such that it can not only view the list of installed components, but also safely remove them completely.

Features Of Comodo Programs Manager

First of all, consider the interface. He is quite simple and completely understandable. The main window is divided into several parts, and in which displays the contents of the lists. Among the sections are four main points: Programs and Services Drivers, Windows Components and Upgrades Windows. This is a clear structuring maximizes accurately track all the necessary information.

download-comodo-programs-manager-windows-7If we talk about the program in terms of security, there can be quite calm, because the default setting is set to backup. Ie. Even after uninstalling any component or program you can always restore any application, whether the driver update from the backup. This is a very convenient means, for example, under the mistaken removal. In addition, this software has a clear alert system before removal of a component. If you do decide to delete something, the program asked you a hundred times about the need to take such a step. Actually, this can prevent accidental or accidental removal of the driver or service that may result in failure of the entire operating system.

As for technical support, it is worth noting that the utility is absolutely correct in the medium and 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems Windows. And the use of this software is easy. Everything is in front of your eyes. It is enough to select the desired component, a program or driver service to take any action. System backup the registry is also at altitude. This allows, if necessary, to recover all that has been removed before. So, security, frankly, is at the proper level. If you follow the recommendations of the developers of the software, do not remove everything. It is necessary to trust the program itself and its detection system program to be deleted. In fact, this company has created this software package can be proud of. You understand that by using this powerful tool, completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized or accidental removal of a component, and maintain the entire operating system. And it's not so little.