Comodo System Utilities is one of the most powerful tweaking software, which is designed to fully optimize the operation of your computer and the operating systems Windows, in particular. The program allows for a variety of settings and can be operated in automatic mode, when the user do not need to delve into all the details of the optimization process.

Main Features Of Comodo System Utilities

With regard to the main features of the program, it must be said that they are quite large. Take, for instance, cleaning the registry is fully customizable startup manager, deleting temporary and unnecessary files from hard drives, disk scan and more.

The main focus when creating this software was made just for the automation of the verification process and system optimization. The app uses a unique technology SafeDelete, that allows you to safely and properly remove highly not only files but also the remains of the code and the elements remaining after incorrect removal of some programs. Moreover, when scanning hard disks the program is able to find and remove duplicate files. Thus, accidental deletion of files, you will not be.

With regard to network settings, then there proved to be a program on top. The fact that it completely removes traces of your Internet surfing, including various types of temporary files and Cookies. What's interesting application also tracks the creation or modification of sensitive network information and can delete it. In fact, any information about the pages you visit still going even by Internet browsers. In this case, it is removed even including all queries, as well as references to any action on the Internet with local addresses.

Comodo System UtilitiesAnd, of course, the same can not ignore the deep cleaning of hard disks in which the application itself does not actually defines the necessary files on your computer, however, is critical of the actions to system folders and files affect the operation and performance of the operating system at all.

Finally, it should be noted that in the latest release, other than improvements to existing features and capabilities, has added support for multi-user use the program, provided that your computer has multiple user accounts (typically, a program of this kind allow for optimization and reconfiguration of the system only when log on as an administrator of the computer). As for installation, the distribution is just 15 MB, and set the time and effort does not take away. All the more gratifying that the application supports the all languages, so deal with it will be able to users at all levels.