The Copyfish is a plugin for you to add to the browser Google Chrome  to perform two functions: Copy PDF document texts, images and sites that do not allow this kind of action, and translate texts in several languages ​​to ensure you navigate better on the web without necessarily having to be copying and pasting the text.

After installing the plugin in the browser, an icon is added in the upper right corner, next to the URL with a goldfish design. Whenever you come across text you want to copy, but you can not do it due to some reason, simply click the fish to trigger the Copyfish. After that, select the text field carefully and, ready, in a few seconds the phrases are copied.

Simply click the Copy to Clipboard so that the text is saved and you stick where you want by Ctrl + V command Also, if the text is in English and other languages ​​compatible with the Copyfish (like Spanish and German) you can translate it simultaneously, almost as if the plug were a helpful  leaner.

Review Of Copyfish

Copyfish is a practical tool for you to add to Google Chrome and copy text places which originally can not be copied - such as images, PDF documents and sites that restrict copying of content. The add-on is easy to use, since it is simple and well focused on the function it offers.

An icon is added to the browser and with just one click you can activate it and copy the desired content. After that, you only need to press the Ctrl + V to copy the text to where you want. However, not all texts are copied from successful way. This can be a problem in stylized and artistic sources, as the Copyfish can not recognize them correctly.

Furthermore, the plug offers a simultaneous translator. Despite being something interesting, it is not always efficient, since the phrases are translated in a confused way if they are very complex (in these cases, it is best to copy the parts separately on Google Translate). In short, Copyfish is a great plugin for you to add to the browser, so that you never have to retype phrases elsewhere when you can simply copy them.


Pros Of Copyfish

Great for copy text images, PDFs and sites that do not allow Ctrl + C

Cons Of Copyfish

The translation does not work correctly always
Not always texts can be copied (the source type can disrupt)

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