CrystalDiskInfo is small but very useful program that is designed to track the status of the hard disks installed on your computer, as well as many external devices. In other words, a tool for tracking the "health" of various types of disk drives. With it, by controlling certain critical parameters that can avoid many problems, such as overheating of the hard drive, which in turn makes it possible to avoid data loss.

Main Features Of CrystalDiskInfo

As already mentioned, the program places almost none. The installation file "weighs" a little more than 2 MB. For the system requirements of the application is totally indifferent, even if that runs in the background and is constantly in the System Tray. However, it refers to the fixed version. The good news is that in addition to the basic version, is available to users a portable version that does not require installation on your computer and can be used with any removable media, including disks, removable memory cards and external USB-devices.

With regard to the information provided by the program, it is worth noting the temperature and capacity of such devices. For these data, simply click on the program icon in the system tray. If you need more detailed information, you can get it in the main window. In general, the application dynamically monitors the indicators of the state of any disks that are in the system, and, subject to the use of technology SMART, can display graphics, the temperature of all disk drives. Plus, the latest release in the program of some changes that have touched optimization support for external devices with USB interface and IEEE 1394 as well as the management of AAM and APM. An equally important factor is the integrated support devices Plextor PX-128M2P / PX-256M2P, SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series and Intel SSD 320 Series.

Among other things, the program is fairly simple intuitive interface that supports the change skins, or so-called skins. Therefore, the appearance can be customized, they say, as your heart desires.

download-crystaldiskinfo-windows-xp-vista-7-8Thus, programs, though not an absolutely cutting edge, however, with timely monitoring state disk drives and devices, in many cases, you can avoid a complete loss of data, as well as "Crush" these discs. In fact, after this kind of damage, there is absolutely no guarantee that the important data can be restored. In the words of Medicine ,. The disease is easier to prevent than to cure. And it is in this role Dr. acts program CrystalDiskInfo.