CrystalDiskMark - quite small and freeware, which according to the developers and user reviews, designed for comparative analysis of the performance of any type of hard drives installed on your computer. In principle, a comparative analysis is not being; it is more about testing speed transfer of data to a local disk or on copying information from it to other removable media.

Features Of CrystalDiskMark

The only thing that should be noted right away, so that's what the software itself is available as a portable version and does not require installation on your computer's hard drive or laptop. By and large, it can be used with any removable media, including optical drives, conventional flash or removable USB drives. Self test file, depending on the version, can take on the disc up to one megabyte. Actually save the file on a floppy disk, you can even quite elementary, but, to date, modern audiences do not always know and understand what a floppy disk.

After starting the program you will be asked to conduct a number of tests, which varies from one to nine. As a result of checking computer hard disks will be tested units with the dimension 4 or 512 KB. After that display a full report on the speed of reading and writing to the hard disk of the main file. Several remains unclear what the manufacturer has broken check for such mutually incompatible blocks drives. The standard means of operating systems Windows, of course, allow for check disks for analysis of their performance, in fact, these funds are far from perfect.

download-crystaldiskmark-windows-pcThis utility is, oddly enough, will provide full details about the speed of hard drives. It seems that it is most useful for overclocks or people, as you know, to overclock not only the operating system, but also iron components in the assembly of desktop computers. To some extent, all this reminds the program CPU-Z, which provides the most comprehensive features not only on the frequency of processor systems, but their temperature characteristics.

Pleased to note that the program is distributed absolutely free and has no limitations in terms of use and installation site. Unfortunately, among the supported operating systems in the latest version is present only Windows 2000, XP and Vista. About "seven or eight" can not even stutter. However, it is hoped that the developers of this interesting software package will go much further and, in the end, will delight users and fans of their software working version of the Windows operating system 7 and 8.