If you need a color palette made carefully to your job - is to follow a company design document or simply to separate their favorite colors for an illustration - use Cyotek Color Palette Editor is a good alternative.

To create a palette, all you need to do is choose one of the colored squares on the left side of the window, using the tools in the "Edit Color" tab select the desired color. The process can be done by cromatic circle, by careful control of the levels of red, green and blue or change the tone, hue and saturation. Another option, of course, is to click the "Drag to select color from screen" to copy the color of a pixel on the screen.

Moreover, everything is a matter of repeating the process in detail for each item in the palette to complete the entire collection with the desired colors. And if you want, you can even create new palettes with ease.

Ready For Various Programs

Okay, you did your palette in the program. But now, how to bring it to my software? The answer is simple, really: just save the project file and, using your image editor, import your color set with the saved palette.

It is important to note that, unfortunately, this tool is not available for all image editing applications. most common software like GIMP and Adobe Color, however, must support the palettes Color Palette Editor smoothly.


Review Of Cyotek Color Palette Editor

Right from the start, Cyotek Color Palette Editor is shown to be a very competent program. All this is a result of the application interface, which shows his strong point: besides the very organized look, it is relatively easy to use for anyone with a minimum knowledge in the use of color palettes.

Before you get too anime with the program, however, it is important to warn you that he has some pretty complicated problems when it comes to stability. As the developer itself makes clear, this is still in Beta software and glitches occur frequently: in addition to any sudden crashes, access some options or try to use specific tools causes the application to stop working.

Needless to say that in such a process laborious and asking great precision, a problem as these can cost hours of effort and be incredibly frustrating. That said, spontaneous crashes are rare; then just avoid the options that make the Cyotek Color Palette Editor stop working to reduce these occurrences to a minimum.

Another point that can leave something to be desired for many is the fact that the Palette Editor does not work properly alone, or offer greater integration with simpler software (or even professional level). In short: you are who have to suit the program, not the other way around.

While this can be frustrating for some who like the idea of having the application on your Photoshop or Illustrator, there's no denying that the Cyotek Color Palette Editor does almost everything it promises with enough quality. So it pays to at least give a chance to this application.

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