DarkWave Studio is a universal virtual system not only for writing music, but also to create an entirely new combinations using virtual tools to support the type of hosts VST. Features such that it allows you to manage all connections, as if you were using regular Cord connection.

Key Features Of DarkWave Studio

The most important advantage of this software is that you are seeing on the screen of the inputs and outputs, as an ordinary mixer, you can use any type of connection for input or output. You need not go far. Just click the mouse on the initial connection, and a second time to set the final compound. Immediately see that the power cord is connected to any output or input.

This allows the use of VST-technology not only for writing music, but also to create a combination of a plurality of virtual instruments. The fact that most of VST-instruments together not joined completely. The only exception is the program Kontakt, and that not all versions. The maximum that you can use this sample program version 5.1. Although, and here we are dealing with quite disabilities. Himself sampler takes a rather limited number of formats, mostly NKI. This utility also allows you to connect multiple virtual synthesizers or instruments directly. Naturally, for this purpose, the most recent developments in the field of audio drivers. If your sound card does not support ASIO4ALL driver mode or Full Duplex, the use of the studio can not even dream of. On the other hand, to date sound technology stepped forward so far, suggesting that your system will not support all of these criteria, however.

download-darkwave-studio-windows-pc-6541512133213So, at the present moment we have one of the most unique and universal programs, which made ​​a splash in the world of computer music and technology related to it. Judge for yourself, connect multiple virtual devices allows for powerful sound, which combines all the features of the connected synthesizers. If we take into account the iron analogues, such a combination would be impossible to achieve.

As for the interface, the average user it may seem a bit congested. This is not surprising, because, when you first start the program automatically detects all VST-plugins installed on your system. There must already be a professional audio engineer to know which modules can be joined together without any restrictions or appearance of different kinds of software conflicts. Naturally, the program is designed, in large part, to the professionals. Ordinary users can also learn how to work with it, subject knowledge basics of writing music, sound processing, and, needless to say, the English language, because instruction localization simply does not have.