Daum PotPlayer - modern multifunctional multimedia player with flexible settings and built-in codecs. Daum Communications designed for operating systems Microsoft Windows. The player has almost all the functions of other advanced players, as well as a number of new and unique features. To appreciate this, you can download the Daum PotPlayer.

A distinctive feature of the program is to support almost all formats of audio and video, available today, including 3D. It built DXVA video codecs and supports all types of subtitles. Significantly improved playback or you can add a variety of effects through a variety of audio and video filters. There is also a built-in audio and video equalizer.

The advantage of the program is the ability to play damaged files avi, skipping the damaged frames. Also, when playing audio files available visualization. The player supports playback of TV-channels, as well as another great player BSPlayer . Will be useful and function creating screenshots and video capture, including streaming.

Users will appreciate the high speed and very low system load program. And its interface can be translated into any language that can boast not every player. Today there are such languages ​​version Daum PotPlayer: English, Korean, Chinese and many others. To your liking, the user can change the design by installing a variety of logos, skins, color themes. You can use both skins of PotPlayer, and many other players. Having some knowledge and skills, you can edit existing themes independently.
Useful as a player is the ability to use it as a portable player. In the program, you can assign a large number of hot keys, store the settings as a configuration file or in the registry. Also, after installation, which allows you to do pretty flexible settings You can change the file associations, integrate functions to the context menu of folders, and more. The new version of PotPlayer added function turn off the computer at a certain time. The program also allows the use of a web-cam, which in some cases very important.

A unique feature of this media player - the function changes the transparency of the player from 10% to 100%. Interest is another option - the ability to build (choose) pixel structure video.

It is worth noting that the high Daum PotPlayer was voted the best media player for the Windows versions of many reputable sources. Overall, the program is largely surpasses analogues, stable, clear and easy to use. With audio and video settings easy to understand, and the functionality of the player above all praise, so this product is no doubt you will enjoy.