Defraggler is one of the most versatile tools to defragment not only hard or removable disks on the computer, but not which specific files and folders, the location of which in the course of treatment can be selected manually. This is what led to the popularity of this application and its component parts.

The Main Features Of Defraggler

The program itself is in the form of the installation package is distributed free of charge, which makes it largely very popular among many users. Yes, and disk space it takes almost no.

As regards the basic function, they are widely represented. The fact is that defragmenting and organizing files are a very special way, the effect of which is radically different from that allow you to do the standard built-in operating systems Windows. Here it is necessary to mark the following. Funds provided by the operating system, defragment the hard drive. It takes a lot of time, especially as the process itself is quite time-consuming. With a minimum zatrachivaniya forces it can take about eight hours. It depends on the capacity of the media itself. But we took the average in the presence of installed hard drives 320-500 GB. What to do if you have a terabyte drive?

It goes without saying that it is necessary to organize all the files did not always. In principle, to accelerate the work, you can use only files that are in the system load, or services that are responsible for the use of elements of automatic loading and running in the background.

download-defraggler-pc-windows-xp-7-8Here we come to the aid and it is a universal application that was developed by one of the biggest software developers, who are renowned for their achievements in the field of recovery of deleted files or performance of the entire system at all. If you take even the program Recuva, it can be observed quite correct operation even in fragmented disks. The utility, which is described, is much more powerful. The very process of defragmentation is displayed as a graphic field, which displays all sectors of the hard drive. This is nothing new. But here's the speed of ordering surpasses all that has been created before. Not only the built-in Windows can not match it, but many professional tools, including the same software package Norton Utilities. You understand that with minimal time, effort and use of system resources, we have a powerful tool to manage files, folders and entire drives installed in any configuration.