Denwer is a project of Dmitry Koterova are the usual local server is used by web developers to create projects without the need for direct access to the Internet. In addition to the server using MySQL, Perl, Apache, PHP, and so on, this gentleman set includes also the software environment (shell), in which a web programmer can work on, say, the local Windows-terminal building.

Key Features Denwer

Certainly, many website developers faced with the problem that when they are created often the site just hangs on the Internet without making any income. You know what you want first fully configure a site entirely and add the necessary elements such as text, images, audio or video, and only then upload the finished product on the Internet. It is such a designer and a software environment Denwer.

Creating a website using the program Denwer, for the use of web hosting, as it is clear, no need to pay, because everything is on the local computer, not on the Internet. Upon completion of the work, of course, can be laid out ready site on the Web, but you can even save on any removable USB-drive like the regular flash.

download-denwer-windows-pcActually, to download a local server or Denwer, as it is called, localhost can be on the developer's site. There is also a detailed instructions for installing and configuring the program. The installation takes only a few minutes. As for the configuration, first set the server itself Denwer, then create its own database, and then activated a website that is on the server "is filled with" designer himself. Most interestingly, such as designer platform Denwer can use anything you want, say, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ucoz or anything else.

Thus created in the local server software environment Denwer, practically does not differ from the actual hosting. In fact, it has the same components: database MySQL, server Apache, support for PHP, scripts to work with DB PhpMyAdmin etc. In addition, the platform allows Denwer many additional plug-ins and templates. However, for them to work correctly to start is to install them, test and make sure everything works. First of all, this applies to WordPress. In general, I think, many web developers will be satisfied. By the way, the third version Denwer is the long-awaited software product in this series.