DirectX , the actual program is not, it's just a set of dynamic libraries and drivers that allow you to work completely different devices, whether the video card, saundkarta or another compatible device, regardless of operating system. The approach to the compatibility of devices has been implemented a long time ago with the release of the first version, but then it is prescribed in the BIOS itself assigns port interrupts.

Key Features Of DirectX 11

At this point in the computer world, there are plenty of programs that communicate between different devices. Sometimes referred to as a "bridge". And one of these bridges is DirectX 11. DirectX drivers allow operation incompatible programs based on a universal platform. Most importantly, it is worth noting that in the eleventh version, it is very well retouched accelerator Direct Draw, which can improve video quality even standard Full HD.

In today's computer world, there is a huge number of devices and operating systems that are absolutely incompatible with each other. And that DirectX allows all devices to work, it is not looking to what they refer to the manufacturer. For instance, there is an audio system High Definision Audio or AC'97, or the like. Not all programs, especially in programs that require support mode Full Duplex Mode, saundkarty drivers working correctly, it is necessary support Direct Sound and Direct Sound 5 + 1 or 7 + 1. Especially, the use of some additions to the program, especially to the audio or video editing, it is impossible without the support of DirectX 11. Any software bridge for DirectX 11 can be connected to another virtual device. Even many instruments and effects processing audio and video in VST format when installing offer to install not only the main plug, and plug-ins that are compatible with the formats DX (DirectX) or RTAS.

Many modern games also use this bridge. For maximum performance video card is required, at a minimum, support for Direct Draw compatible video card with the possibilities of the game. The fact that the video cards from different manufacturers are not always properly running a specific operating system, and that the drivers for DirectX 11 to provide proper operation of any of the "iron" or virtual instrument in an environment of Windows.


In all the recent releases of Windows operating systems support for DirectX is already a built-in installation file. And over time, even in pirated versions, offered an update. And do not neglect it.