DirectX Happy Uninstall - one of the most reliable and professional tools to fully and safely remove the DirectX files from your computer. It is no secret that many uninstaller (even professional type), not always correctly and completely remove those or other applications. Well then talk about DirectX?

Key Features Of DirectX Happy Uninstall

Certainly, many people know that DirectX is a systemic bridge between many applications, device drivers, and the operating system. Since functional DirectX refers specifically to system processes, then removing all of the files that are part of this software is not always possible. The simplest case where the system simply blocks access to them. And it is for a full and painless removal of all that concerns the DirectX, and was created by this utility.

If we talk about the functionality of the program, everything is easy, because the application process produces a complete removal of the automatic mode. User there is no need to control the process or engage in advanced settings. The only thing to do is to close all open applications, create a restore point, have the Windows installation disk and, of course, run the program with root access. In addition, if you use the operating system Windows ME, you must perform all actions, boot into safe mode.


The possibilities of the program are quite large, although the average user can not say anything at all. By and large, the program can completely uninstall completely different versions of DirectX, including even the release of DirectX 10. In addition, the application allows you to make full backup or restore previous versions of DirectX on Windows 2000/2003 / XP. If you use the backup, uninstall DirectX files can be restored at any time. By the way, are quite interesting functions Check DX Groupware and DX Diagnostic Tools, which allow to accurately track all the defects that occur when you remove third-party DirectX uninstaller. That is, you can view all the files that programs of this type have not been removed or to which access has been denied.

In general, we must pay tribute, the program works on the five plus. No other utility can not compare with it in its functionality, performance and, most importantly, for the complete removal of all components of DirectX. It is clear that if you do decide on such removal (reason may be that a great many), the best solution - use this software product, because no one else will remove DirectX completely and utterly. Moreover, you can always return to its original state if necessary.