Don't Sleep - one of the most exciting and highly unusual utility that allows you to fully control all modes of the computer's power provided by Windows and various versions of themselves "iron". Its possibilities are quite extensive and in some cases avoid the occurrence of many conflicts with the installation of outdated software in the new releases of operating systems themselves.

Key Features Of Don't Sleep

Pretty not many software developers think out to create this type of application. The most important advantage of this program, according to many users is that the program is designed as a portable version does not require installation on your hard disk, and can be used in any removable devices, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, removable USB- devices such as hard drives or flash drives normal, as well as memory cards in various formats.

With regard to the main features, the most important thing that should be noted even at the first acquaintance with the program, it is quite a wide range of functions, which allows you to completely lock down the settings restart, shutdown or hibernation or standby mode that recent versions of Windows, called simply hibernation. In addition, the program has a built scheduler and timer operation, relieving the user from direct tracking modes and applications throughout the power system as a whole.

download-dont-sleep-windows-pcAs for solving problems with older versions of the programs installed in the new operating system, there are very many users often face challenges various conflicts of the software is with the elements of power. Many programs after installing the basic files and libraries typically require a reboot, but after a reboot or a software does not work at all, or is malfunctioning, or refuses to work at all OSes.

Thus, this tool is quite an unusual solution that can, if not eliminate completely, then, to some extent, to solve many problems, roughly speaking, even without using the method of intervention in the operating system and installed applications. By and large, it can be recommended virtually to all users, whether professional or just a novice user.