Double Commander - a small file manager for operating systems Mac OS, designed in the spirit of the famous Total Commander, which in turn was built on the basis of the "grandfather Norton." Hence the appearance and feature set, which is virtually no different from many similar programs developed in the management of files, folders, or disk partitions. Annex Double Commander is distributed for free. Download it on the Internet in minutes. In addition, the program Double Commander has a friendly and fully customizable interface, including the design, use of language, color and font size and panels, etc.

Key Features Of Double Commander

Actually, something fundamentally new software Double Commander is free. Like most applications of this type, the program Double Commander supports quite a number of encodings, including Unicode, and allows you to view any type of files hex, binary or text representation. In addition, the application Double Commander, is free, and there is a built-in text editor. As with all programs of this type, function buttons for basic commands are identical. So the key is used to view the F3, while calling for the same editor F4, etc.

Double Commander program has quite a powerful search engine, which includes a search on several criteria such as file name or extension, as well as on the content. This is especially noticeable when the search is used to find any type of text files containing a particular word or phrase. Pretty good in the program Double Commander presented and tools for working with archive data. In particular, the supported formats are ZIP, TGZ, TAR GZ, BZ2, LZMA, CPIO, RPM, DEB and RAR. Among other things, the application Double Commander has tight integration with external programs. For example, it supports several additional modules or plug-ins such as Total Commander WDX, WCXand WLX.

Equally important is the fact that almost all operations and actions are performed in the background, which, incidentally, logs all file operations.

download-double-commander-windows-mac-os-x-linuxIn general, the program makes a pretty good impression, especially when you consider a customizable interface and the main panel, ease of use, low system requirements, as well as the fact that the application skacht WDX, WCX and WLX is completely free. La space on hard drive takes almost no program. So, for users of Apple's operating system software is a very useful tool for working with files and folders.