Driver Fusion is a fairly powerful and sometimes a necessary means to maintain maximum efficiency of the operating system. First of all, this utility can use to remove the driver from the system for subsequent operations with the installation of software updates.

The Main Features Of Driver Fusion

Surely, every user, regardless of the level of training, faced with a situation where a conflict manifests a certain device drivers and software. This occurs most often with the video driver (using games) and sound cards (with programs for sound processing). In this case, uncommon for the program requires the installation of an updated driver or a more recent version. Thus it is necessary to remove the old drivers. And here there can be a situation where removing driver standard Windows, which at the end of the uninstall process is just a bunch of garbage. First of all, this applies to entries in the system registry. In this case, sometimes even installation of a driver of a device is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Driver Fusion

It is this software and assume all responsibility for the correct and the most complete removal of outdated drivers. Principle of the program is built on the fact that it appeals to the cloud service Treexy, which is not more than the impressive base of drivers. This is what provides quite complete removal is not only outdated versions, but also conflicting or unwanted drivers. Actually, the whole process is automated, so that the user can only run the program, it will do everything automatically (of course, after you specify that you want to remove). You can also use the automatic analysis of the drivers, followed by the withdrawal of recommendations to address conflicts or problems.

But these features, this software is not particularly limited. Optionally, you can also use the function backup device drivers for subsequent recovery. You know, you never know what events occur. And so, you can always return to the original Bude state of the system, even without resorting to its auto-recovery function using a control point.

In general, the program really makes a favorable impression as removes not only the driver files, but also related files in the form of dynamic link libraries (which, incidentally, are usually not removed by standard means), folders, obsolete, unnecessary or incorrect entries in the system registry, eliminating the need to perform manual cleaning system.