Driver Magician is a program of a series of essential tools to re-install all device drivers after a system failure. If you have previously supplied for each device driver disk, the program will now make a backup copy of your drivers, and after a failure in the system to recover them in minutes.

The Main Features Of Driver Magician

Immediately specify that the program is not free, but for the most part, presented in the form of trial versions (trial). Full-featured version will set you back an amount of about 30 dollars. Of course, it is somewhat distressing, but, believe me, it's worth it. In addition, the installation package is included and a portable version (Portable), which does not require installation and can be run from any removable media such as disks, USB-drives or removable memory cards.

When you first launch the app scans your system for absolutely everyone (even virtual) drivers, and then displays the detailed specifications for each of them. In the report, you can view information about the driver version, number of files, digital signatures, and the device uses it. This report can be saved in TXT or HTM.

To backup enough drivers to select several (or all, if desired), to be stored for later retrieval. This copy may be stored either in a pre-specified location, or in the format of a ZIP-archive. Neither is any other case, it will not affect the recovery process. Another thing, when after a failure in the system you will need to format the hard disk. By and large, this is not a problem. You can save the backup on any removable media, then reinstall the program itself and to restore drivers from backup by using the built-in import wizard. Time, of course, it will take longer, but, in this case, you will still be sure that all drivers are restored. Moreover, a great advantage of the program is the fact that the restoration of this kind of data, the application automatically checks for the latest versions of drivers (of course, if you are connected to the Internet).

download-driver-magician-lite-windows-xp-vista-7-8-8-1-10Among the more unusual features of this package is worth noting the possibility of backup folder "My Documents", desktop settings, email messages, folders "Favorites" in the browser, the state registry, accounts and more.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the program is one of the first places among the applications of this kind. And if you want to be confident in the performance of all devices after recovery, the best tool is simple and does not need much to be. The only thing that upset is the fact that the program is not free. However, for his own self better buy the full working version. After all, as the saying goes, you never know what might happen.