DriverMax - first of all, a program that will certainly need you in trouble with the operating system. Remember, before all devices present in the kit wheels to install the necessary drivers. In the presence of a large number of devices needed to drive a decent amount. DriverMax allows you to avoid the red tape to re-install drivers and unnecessary storage disks. When the system crashes with this program for 5-10 minutes, you can reinstall all available drivers.

Key Features DriverMax

In its own way, DriverMax - is a program that gathers information about all the devices present on the computer and the efficiency of drivers. When you start the program checks all the drivers installed on the system and displays a list of devices that use them.

The program allows you to view everything on the characteristics of each driver. This includes version, creation date, number of files, drivers, and digital signature. Once you have received the list, you must select which drivers you will be saved in the backup. You can select more than desired, all or completely. To create a backup, you can use either the pre-specified folder or as ZIP-archive. Neither is any other case, it will not affect the recovery process.

After the failure of the operating system using the Import Wizard, you can easily restore all that was provided when the backup program DriverMax. In addition, during the recovery process, the program automatically checks all the drivers on the availability of the latest version (of course if you are connected to the Internet). Upon completion of the process, or when you run it, you can save a detailed report of all the characteristics of a .txt or .htm.


In terms of functionality the program is one of the first places among the utilities of its kind. However, its performance does not apply to cases where after the failure of the operating system you need a full format all drives. But basically, you can make a copy on a disk, reinstall the program itself, and then use the Import Wizard.

Thus, DriverMax - an indispensable tool to reinstall all device drivers. The program has a friendly and intuitive interface and, in principle, it will understand even a novice.