DupKiller - quite a powerful utility that is designed to find and delete duplicate or similar files. Moreover, the program finds the same data, even in those places that you could not even think. Due to the highly complex modern search algorithms and comparison of existing data, such squeak is extremely effective, and its speed is superior to many programs of this kind.

Key Features DupKiller

To begin with, that the application has a completely simple interface. Folders and disk divided into groups. The search is performed on the hard drive, and on all types of removable devices. In this case, each user at their discretion ask the so-called exceptions, that is, folders or partitions in which the search will not be made. It is quite possible that there may be vital for you to documents and files.

Now a few words about the search. It can be produced not only by name, size or creation date of the file. In search of priorities you can search the contents of a file or set the percentage of compliance with one file a different name for the content. No less convenient feature is the preview. In the box, which is located at the top right, you can always see what it represents a particular file, no matter what it is, a picture, video, sound, or, for example, an office document.

Of the main features of the search engine as a whole is worth noting comparison of the contents of the file (so-called binary file compare); comparing the file name; definition similar file names; comparing file size; comparing the type of the file; a comparison of the date and time of the file; skip files with zero length; Search indicating the minimum and maximum file size; Enable inexact comparison (some per cent matching), as well as enabling and disabling the scanning of files and folders with the attributes of "hidden", "system", "read-only" and "archive". Moreover, the search may be carried out not only on a single computer, but used in local networks. Moreover, restrictions on the search just yet.

download-dupkiller-windows-pcAmong the main features of the application, with regard to the work as a whole, I would say the following. These include: the search for duplicate files in any folder or drive, as well as their combinations; load and save search results and program settings; Saving the results of the last search and settings when you exit the program; Delete files from the Recycle Bin or directly from disk, bypassing her; open folders with duplicate files directory to check the contents of a folder or file; display of duplicate files, disk space occupied by them, their number and

disk space freed after deleting duplicates. Also, it is possible to automatically delete the same or similar function using the data masking.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that this software package is distributed free of charge, does not contain any type of annoying adware Adware, plus support for work, with almost all currently known removable storage devices.