EasyBCD - a cross-platform utility that allows a whole new way to look at ways to boot operating systems. Its application is best seen in its merits if your computer has multiple operatsionok. The application is correctly works with families of systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and BSD.

Key Features EasyBCD

First of all, it is worth noting a rather high performance in all applications, the above operating systems. The main menu is organized in such a way that it will cope with users at all levels, especially because all the settings and options are clearly structured selection.

As for the interface, everything is simple. On the left side of the screen are buttons to access basic parameters and settings. Quite simply, you can add new types of downloads, edit existing ones or delete them. In addition, the main window displays a list of all operating systems installed on the computer. Next to each item download is a window in which you can check the box for a specific system to boot by default. It is important also that at the bottom of a window with fields that allow you to set the delay when booting the operating system by default, in case you want to change the user settings. Also, there is the skip-dial general and field, which allows you to define the expectation of the user's choice, which is made in the manual mode.

download-easybcd-windows-mac-os-x-linuxAmong other things, you can use the very setting the boot menu and view a list of all the defined parameters. If you are unsure of any steps taken, there is a special reset button and restore the previous settings. In addition to that, there is also a small selection of tools that make it easy to configure the boot loader.

It remains to add that the program is quite interesting solution for running multiple operating systems on a single terminal. By the way, and the number of role plays absolutely no. As they say, there was a place on the hard disk or partition. And, I think, the utility is perfect for users of all skill levels, because it has a simple intuitive interface. Indeed, this application can make a pretty strong competition standard boot operating systems Windows. In addition, the program supports Windows XP and 7.