eMule - a program for sharing files on the network eDonkey, the principle of which is somewhat reminiscent of downloading files using torrent-clients. However, the program provides some great features to users, bringing it completely supplanted all other applications of this kind.

Key Features Of eMule

For a start, it is worth noting that the program is universal and one of the most reliable in this area. Especially, it is absolutely free and has no restrictions on the timing of the operation and use.

If we talk about networks, it is necessary to say that this software uses several networks to create one (ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad). As for the work itself, there is provided a clear Queue and Credit system, which ultimately allows for speedy receipt of the file by the user due to the distribution of other clients. In addition, the application has the ability to start many downloads without having to monitor the operation of the program and its control in manual mode. This operation is operated in the automatic mode. For the convenience of the users program also automatically checks downloaded files for errors. It uses a combination of two hash algorithm, that is, combined ed2k hashes and AICH, which allow verification of the downloaded parts or entire files.


Pretty interesting feature is the ability to preview the still not fully download movies or use the archive. To watch the video is recommended to install additional client Video Lan Client (VLC). Among other things, the application contains additional Web services and server that allows you to manage the program with the mobile device.

And then there is in most programs of this kind, so it's embedded client IRC. After all, it is with it, users can communicate with each other by sending short text messages. And how many IM clients, the user has the ability to create lists of friends and communicate in real time.

Finally I want to say that the program does not contain a different kind of spyware and adware, does not provide practically no load on system resources, which makes it ideal for use at home when you want to download large files. In addition, the latest release was improved user interface and a few redesigned integration with Windows 7 operating system.