eMule Plus is an enhanced version of the popular software eMule, which is used in the peer to peer file-sharing networks to download files. Content can be quite different, including software, games, videos or music. This release has a somewhat enhanced compared to the original program, and allows a plurality of additional operations and use a variety of settings.

Key Features Of eMule Plus

First of all, we note that this software is distributed free of charge, in fact, like all programs in this series. As for the differences from the basic package, here we are dealing with interface, then h is important, for example, for users who do not know, say English. In this case, these users an opportunity to better understanding and application of the plurality of settings, among which are on their own to build the desired download speed, speed limits, priorities, download, bandwidth and many more. Of course, you can use the standard automatic settings, however, agree to download the file at maximum speed, much nicer than to sit and wait until the download is fully completed in the normal mode. Needless to say that this application supports many additional add-ons, as well as a huge number of specialized servers, which may be registered more than 500 million users.


No less interesting is not only fast download necessary content, but also a universal system of search, including a variety of web resources. You understand how comfortable do not engage in internet surfing using any Web browser, and search directly from the main program window. Immediately and simplified loading. In principle, this program can be attributed to the category of "all in one".

And of course, the most unusual among programs of this type is generally chat support and a built-in messenger IRC. In this, too, can find its advantages. Well, for example, if you communicate with friends and acquaintances, they can tell you where to find it as quickly as possible, what game to play, what music to listen to or watch a movie. In addition, you can ask friends not to go with a hand, until you fully load all the necessary files.

Thus, this software is really unique in its kind, because it has many additional features and functions, which in many cases are not found in any other program of this kind. Yes, and the use of this software is maximally simplified.

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