EverNote - a fairly new innovation program, which the developers have tried, probably, to reconcile the irreconcilable. On the one hand, this is a common notebook, on the other - the program organizer, and the third, an online service that allows you to store all the data that is called "on the spot".

Key Features Of EverNote

Indeed, the combined weight of the features of the program the best that could come up in applications of this kind at all. This software package is both a word processor and a notebook, and scheduler. However, it is not absolutely required for your participation in the process of data storage and ensure the confidentiality of information.

The basic principle of the program is quite simple. Users simply need to create an account on the server, after which it has at its disposal 60 MB of server space to store the desired information. Wherein the data organized in the form of notes that may have not only text but also graphics, as well as attached to or associated files.

Working with such a note may be made in two ways. Either through a browser or through a client program, which is much more convenient. Moreover, supported by a completely different operating systems and devices, including mobile devices running running iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson devices such as the series X (also running Windows Mobile ) and WebOS (Palm Pre and Pixi).

Synchronization of data takes place at the time of detection of the connection to the Internet. If there is no such link, you can quite happily work with the local copy and synchronize data later, even in manual mode.

The organization of the entire database is built on the principle of creating a notebook in which you can enter new data or make changes to existing ones. Simply select the desired bookmark or create a new one. Many important data for you, you can affix a kind of notes, and then sort the data is using them, depending on the priority. And just as easily, you can sort or find all the necessary data using attributes. You see, organizing and managing the data given due attention.


In conclusion, I would like to note that the data stored on the server EverNote, can be combined into one account and can contain not only text and graphics but also audio and video formats. Plus, it supports handwriting recognition and tepksta, for example, in the photo. Well, of course, aerobatics - is the work with the program, if you have a GPS-module. You can take notes while on the road, passing by downloading information about the location.

It's not all the features of this software. In order to understand how the whole system is universal, it is worth to try once its use and disclose for all, what it can do.