ExtractNow is one of the most unique and versatile tools to work with compressed data in archives. The program allows you not only to extract information from the packed files, but also view it without having to physically extract to your hard drive or laptop. Features such that it allows you to work with virtually all types of known archive formats.

Key Features of ExtractNow

The most important advantage of this software is worth to mention support the maximum number of archive files formats that are used not only among Windows, and in other popular operating systems. At least, if you take a job in the systems of Windows, here is the support formats such as ZIP, JAR, RAR, ISO, IMG, ACE, LHA, IMA, IMZ, LHZ, IMZ, BIN, LHZ LHA, and SIT.

Program instructions, as well as many applications such areas are integrated in almost all the context menus of the operating system. If you install this software, set the association of the above files with this program, extracting files, it becomes quite easy. In this case, it is sufficient, or double-click on the archive in Windows Explorer, or the same extraction using the right-click the above mentioned files and invoke the context menu the appropriate command.


In passing, it is worth noting that this application has a very interesting function "Write to file", allowing not only to write the contents of the archive for future viewing, but also view it is in the process of extraction. According to this principle worked very hard archiver that can display data, such as images that are packed in the appropriate archive without extraction process. The program directly accesses the application, which is responsible for image viewing, avoiding direct decompression. This is just one example of how the program may behave file archives. In fact, the feature set includes much more advanced functions and user settings.

By and large, you can ask any association with the archives, or are some exceptions, which may be related to other applications of this type. The program interface is quite simple and intuitive. In principle, it can deal with users at all levels, the more that the entire process of extracting the files from the archive is either in the push of a button, or the execution of a command indicating the final location of the stored files.