F-Secure Internet Security- one of the most popular anti-virus software that is designed by F-Secure Corporation. This software contains anti-virus, firewall, the ability to create "black" list of Internet pages. To evaluate the practical application of the program, you need to download F-Secure Internet Security.

Installing and configuring the operation of this software takes less than 10 minutes. To activate the application you need to download F-Secure Internet Security, which is available along with the installation files. The logical layout options and a nice design interface makes the program a comfortable and interesting.

This application monitors all incoming / outgoing connections between the computer and the external network. Packages and applications that can not be scanned or contain suspicious or malicious content is blocked.

Firewall allows you to securely retain the applications of the client from external attacks and unauthorized connections. Setting up rules for monitoring connections and processes occur automatically, allowing the customer to save time for further adjustments in the application. Anti-spam filter allows the browsing experience without running advertising applications and redirect to ad sites.


With the element «DeepGuard» application continuously monitors the emergence of new, unknown viruses. This option is carried out systematic monitoring of all programs in real time. Potentially dangerous for the system processes the application blocks. This option is one of the best decisions of protection from the infected applications that were able to bypass traditional security levels.

Anti-spam e-mail allows you to save the personal data of the client from phishing and spam messages. Incoming messages are scanned for malicious content applications, as well as the safety of the sender of the information. If the contents of the message or the sender does not meet the criteria of safety, the application blocks the message.

The Parental Control feature allows you to protect your child from harmful and unwanted information in the network. Adults define the parameters of functioning of Internet applications while exercising the child at the computer. Define the categories permitted to view the information, the list of allowed web pages, the program filters the site loads.

The application also provides the reliability of transactions and the confidentiality of information about the data bank card when you shop or online payments.

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