Far Manager , is certainly one of the most common and well-known file manager modernity. He is, so to speak, one of the first followers of the notorious Norton Commander, and with very similar interface, however, working in the operating systems Windows (instead of DOS), and has a lot more functional potential.

Key Features Of Far Manager

Among the most simple and basic functions of Far Manager is much like the old man Norton. He copy files and folders, rename, view the contents of text files, and so on. D. However, in other respects very different from the many programs of this type.

In addition to the basic operations, Far Manager allows you to manage edit the registry works with archives and FTP-client, has the ability to manage printers, both local and network, has built-in tools for renaming groups of files with support for complex masks, works easily with clients NNTP / SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 and can send messages to, for example, a pager, recode texts in accordance with national coding tables can control the priority of processes on a local or network computer has means complete words in a text editor (like T9 function on mobile phones ), works with a variety of templates, produces all kinds of manipulating files and text for comfortable work with FIDO, allows the encoding and decoding files in UUE, can easily manage the program WinAmp and modify the MP3-tags (ID3-tags), handles Quake PAK files, works with a variety of servers via ODBC, and from ORACLE Server through OCI, can manage the service RAS, may propose the launch external programs while editing text in editor Far, allows you to view graphics of most known formats, displays the contents of the Help files for Windows (.hlp i .chm), has a built-in calculator with different capabilities, as well as a spell checker functions while editing text in the editor Far. And this is not a complete list of all program features.


As for the interface, it looks exactly the same as the predecessor of the famous Norton Commander. Even the main field of blue. Naturally, if you want it all, you can customize based on their taste. The screen is displayed as two windows and the bottom has the same function buttons. However, unlike Norton, Far Manager work involves not only for the keyboard, but also by using a mouse.

In general, this program is one of the best in its field. And it is not surprising that many of those who began his acquaintance with a personal computer with a good old Norton as a file manager prefer Far Manager.