FastStone Capture is a program originally developed for use in the removal of screenshots. It has all the features you need for this kind of action, however, extend the functionality of a set of present opportunities and more serious, take advantage of this application as a software for creating and editing videos, created for educational or informative purposes.

FastStone Capture also supports keyboard shortcuts by which to take screenshots is more convenient. When you run the program, you can minimize it to the notification area on the taskbar.

FastStone Capture is a small software designed to facilitate you the screenshots you want to achieve. With a few clicks you can capture an image selected, the entire screen, web pages, etc. The application also features image editing tools such as cutting, resizing, sending by e-mail, adding comments, printing and many other additional features.

The Main Features of FastStone Capture

The application itself resembles many programs developed in this area. The only difference is that some programs of this direction, the first thing, focused on video, and it is this utility is primarily focused on the creation of screen shots. Of course, it can produce even record video, but that is not its main purpose.

In this case, we are dealing with a utility that allows you to produce, roughly speaking, photographing the screen without using a standard key PrtScr (Print Screen). And this is not all. This software is not even powerful, but nonetheless quite convenient built stationary editing. In it there is the most common set of tools and features that allow you to crop an image, rotate it to any angle, display mirror, etc. But here is the quality of the image is adapted for high resolution standard HD.

As for the video, here there is a standard set of functions that allows you to capture images from the main screen in real time. Naturally, this is not news, because there are many utilities to make it on a professional level. Actually, the main feature of the program, it is also can not be named. But the program makes screenshots flawlessly.

As for the expansion of opportunities when working with screenshots, there are quite unusual ability to add arbitrary signs, arrows, pointers and even watermarks. Regarding the latter, then this option is extremely rare that the output of the program and one of the highest levels in the degree of popularity and use. Who knows, maybe some scammers printing banknotes, could use this type of application.

In general, the program will be useful to quite a wide range of users, regardless of whether they will use it to create presentations or for taking screenshots. It is equally useful to all those involved in this area of ​​the chart at all.


Download FastStone Capture 8.0 For PC