FBackup - One of the Most simple and quite fast software for Backup and Recovery of Data stored on your computer. This utility is perfect for users WHO do not have experience in this area, or do not want Simply to waste time on such Processes. The program is fully automated, although there nozhdestvo additional settings for advanced users.

The Main Features Of FBackup

Let's start with the Most unusual Opportunity That Provides Melon Application. The FACT That the Program Allows you to back up not only on the hard drive of the computer and to Remote Computers, as well as Any removable Media, Including USB. Data Recovery, of course, Made it to That device, Which has Been Saved Backup. THUS Preserving Achieved Several Major results. Firstly, it Allows to Keep All of the original Data using the structure, and, Secondly, Due to the degree of Increased Data protection. In addition, you CAN set your own Schedule. In this Case, the Action Will be Performed automatically at the Scheduled time using predefined locations.

Among the Methods of backups (or since Their Inception), the Program Provides two Methods - Conventional and advanced. With the Conventional Method, I think, and everything is clear. But on the Second Method is worth looking in more Detail. For advanced users , the Application Provides A complex system of search, Including Investments depth setting. The Program Provides for A Wizard of profiles, with Which you CAN define objects to the Reservation, the Location of the Backup, as well as the time and Method of Backup. This CAN be quite Useful in Cases When you want to back up only some of the Important Data. For example, some companies, this CAN be accounting Internal Documents, and so on. D.


Now A few words About the Application interface. It Supports Multiple Languages ​​and is quite simple. For convenience, some categories of Files are separated by groups. That is, you CAN Pretty Quickly select the Files of the Same type and create A Backup Copy. Well, for example, you want to save the Backup only office document Microsoft Word Format. No problem. By clicking on the icon Appropriate, you Get A list of All Files of this type, Which Will be included in the Backup.

Among Other things, the Program involves the use of functions Mirroring, Backup Open Files, as well as the creation of an archive Backup results. And, of course, an Application has the Ability to protect the Backup with A Password to Prevent Unauthorized access to them or accidental recovery.