FotoSketcher - is quite small but very interesting program created specifically for fans of experiments with your photos. It allows for a few seconds to turn your photo into a professional image or picture painted on various surfaces using a variety of tools.

Key Features Of FotoSketcher

As you may have guessed, the installation and use of the program do not cause difficulties. In principle, the application interface is pretty much resembles many of the programs, which are graphical editors. However, in contrast to the professional programs of this kind, this utility has a maximum setting and simplified tools to manage and use. The fact that it involves work at even completely uninitiated user.

As regards the tools, it is generally a very limited. Yes, this is understandable. Initially, the program was created to change the photos in terms of giving them some similar drawings in pencil or ink. And that this effect can be achieved by inserting into the main field of application of any photo. In addition, there is also some choice of material on which a drawing was created. This may be a natural canvas paintings or plain paper.

If we talk about the possibility of using simple operations, then, of course, here is everything you need. For example, it is possible to produce basic copy, cut and paste portions of the image. In addition, you can use the default settings brightness or contrast graphic. For convenience, the program has a very simple function and change the size by scaling or stretching the usual photos to size using the mouse.


On the other hand, among the undoubted advantages applications primarily be noted usability. Any user, even one year old child, in a couple of clicks will absolutely without difficulty make your photos picture professional quality, which, as you know, then you can print at a professional photo printer with high quality paper and then decorate this pattern interior of any room.

It seems particularly interested in this program will be for beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of editing the graphics in the application of various effects. And, certainly, if you thoroughly study this app to work with professional photo editor in the future you bude much easier. So, include fantasy and forth.