Any Video Converter - one of the most interesting and the most simple program for converting video formats between themselves. Although the program and not a professional application, however, allows the use of a plurality of functions relating to video conversion.

Key Features Of Any video converter

If we describe the main features of the software in the first place, you should get the list of supported formats, which include extensions such as avi, asf, mov, rm, rmvb, flv, mkv, mpg, 3gp, m4v, vob avi, mp4, wmv, flv, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, mpg (PAL or NTSC). You understand that the conversion can be done not only with the use of universal video formats that can even extract audio tracks from video files that are present on various DVD-ROMs.

Incidentally, the program Any video converter is pretty interesting to work precisely in terms of extraction and editing audio tracks that are recorded in a video file and use extensions like mp3, wma, ogg, aac. By and large, among the supported audio formats for today Vorbis OGG is not the most important. The reason for this is that were created more universal formats that are supported by absolutely all operating systems. However, such a specific format used even some professional programs for creating music.

Ease of use Any video converter application is that the user does not need to go completely custom settings. The only thing that can be assumed that change the size of the output video and audio quality. Although this game is not worth it. The application itself determines with the use of a codec, by which the video was recorded and which decoder is used for audio playback. By and large, if you have never worked with this type of program, you have enough and automatic settings. And if you are a user of a fairly high level, it will be able to evaluate the capabilities of this application. Can not say that it is a professional, however, most users will come in handy, especially when you consider that this program allows you to convert files to produce at a rate that can be available for many applications of this type.

download-free-any-video-converter-windows-pc-546156121654165123In principle, the program Any video converter does not carry any new ideas or tools to convert formats. However, if you decide to change the format of the source file, the faster running application, you simply will not find. Moreover, the program is designed for users who have never dealt with this type of software products.