Free Audio Converter Audio Converter is absolutely free to share and created to convert between different format audio files. It is a very convenient and powerful utility as a filter when dealing with many audio and video editing, when you need to output high-quality sound.

Key Features Of Free Audio Converter

It's no secret that today the audio format, for example, WAV already considered the day, if not yesterday, the day before yesterday, exactly. Even the format of MP3, playable by all players, too, takes a lot of hard disk space. Therefore, this converter is intended to reduce the size occupied by files and transcode them to another player readable format.

The fact is that since the beginning of the emergence of the computer sound, many saundkarty not support those standards which offers users now. Firstly, there are different manufacturers of these cards, and secondly, the sound quality from different manufacturers is poor. Therefore, in the world of form several standards of sound that can be recognized in principle software players. By the way, here no matter what the format is currently available in view. MP3 is a universal format. The second stands the so-called format Vorbis OGG. And, the third is serious compressed format which is called FLAC. What to do if you have, for example, a mobile phone that FLAC or OGG format does not perceive? In this case, the utility will help you to cope with this problem by reconverting from one audio format to another.

As for the program itself, it has a rather pleasant and intuitive interface. Any user, even far from converting sound quite easily be able to deal with all of its features. In principle, all actions are performed in three clicks. To get started you just need to select the source file, the final format and save path, that is, where the result of the work will be saved. Among the supported formats would like to note that the program works with formats such as aac, ac3, aiff, ape, flac, m4a, m4b, mka, mp3, ogg, ra, ram, tta, wav, wma.

And just as easily, you can use this converter for mobile devices to reduce the occupied space. The program allows you not only convert audioformat among themselves, but also to change their structure, for example, in terms of the sampling frequency. Because of course, that the lower the sampling rate, the less disk space the file will occupy.

download-free-audio-converter-windows-pc-46515612316516Although, in principle, if you are not a connoisseur of fine tuning the sound, the program prompts you to their default settings, and so, believe me, they will please you very much. Since the program was created after all professionals.