Free Studio is a very large and quite powerful software package for working with multimedia files. Developers have tried to combine almost all known applications in a multimedia system. And I must say, they turned out pretty well, since it is unlikely you will still find such a huge opportunity in the other software products in this area.

Key Features Of Free Studio

First of all, it is worth noting that the package combines all the disparate applications, not only to work with the formats of desktop and laptop computers, but also for editing and converting the information or files needed for many mobile devices such as an iPod or iPad, and even more so in formats across operating systems such as iOS, Android or BlackBerry.

The package itself consists of eight main sections, divided into certain groups in their direction. They include YouTube, MP3 & Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD and Videos, Photos, Mobile, Gadgets Apple, and the technology works with 3D. Furthermore, each section comprises several subgroups allows fairly quickly find and execute the corresponding operation.

So, in the multimedia package Free Studio 5 includes the following components: Free YouTube Download, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter, Free YouTube to iPhone Converter, Free YouTube to DVD Converter, Free YouTube Uploader, Free Video to Android Converter, Free Video to Apple TV Converter, Free Video to BlackBerry Converter, Free Video to HTC Phones Converter, Free Video to iPad Converter, Free Video to iPod Converter, Free Video to iPhone Converter, Free Video to LG Phones Converter, Free Video to Motorola Phones Converter, Free Video to Nintendo Converter, Free Video to Nokia Phones Converter, Free Video to Samsung Phones Converter, Free Video to Sony Playstation Converter, Free Video to Sony PSP Converter, Free Video to Xbox Converter, Free DVD Video Converter, Free Video to DVD Converter, Free Video to Flash Converter, Free 3GP Video converter, Free Video to MP3 Converter, Free Video to JPG Converter, Free Audio Converter, Free Audio to Flash Converter, Free DVD Video Burner, Free Disc Burner, Free Audio CD Burner, Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter, Free Screen Video Recorder, Free Video Dub, Free Audio Dub, Free Video Flip and Rotate, Free 3D Photo Maker, Free 3D Video Maker.

download-free-studio-windows-and-mac-pc-44651315516As we can see from the names of the components can not only deal with the conversion, but also burn DVDs, convert their content into different formats, upload your files to the Internet. Especially, look what an impressive list of devices and operating systems is presented in this package.

Although at first glance it seems that too many applications, however, deal with them will not be difficult, as all applications are classified very clearly.

The only thing that saddens is that the fifth version is the latest free. However, starting from the sixth release, which will have to buy, developers can provide users with free activation keys package.