FreeCommander - another two-pane file manager, created in the image of his grandfather Norton. He was the progenitor of such programs, including nibolee similar can be called Windows Commander and Total Commander. All he works on the same principle and differ little in functional set.

Key Features FreeCommander

It goes without saying that, like all programs of this type, this software is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the terms and conditions of use. Functional set, for the most part, corresponds to all that is available to the Commander of this type. You understand that the interface is not much different from the classical one. There are two main windows, and in which all operations, and made tracking the location of files and folders with an option to copy, delete or move. In fact, even the function keys have the same opportunities not only for a single use, but when you additional combinations by adding a key combination such as Alt, or Shift. If we talk about single press, then, for example, in all programs of this kind up on by pressing the function key F5. Moreover, the copy is done from one window to another, even without the path is set up. It is sufficient that the confirmation window you are currently in one of the windows.

As usual, there is also a text editor, and tools for viewing image files. This can be used even display mode icons, small thumbnails or full-size images. Actually, this is not news, it was borrowed from a standard Windows-Explorer systems.


But what distinguishes this software from others, so it's an interesting opportunity to combine or split large files into pieces. Naturally, there is also a built-in tool for working with files such as ZIP, RAR, or CAB, although the latter format applies to the files not always. However, in this respect, it is worth noting another unusual instrument. The fact that the program, having a standard search engine allows you to search within not even unpack the archive above specified type. And all this is done without having to physically extract the contents of the hard disk. This is what adds the program points in the ranking of many similar products created in the management of files and folders.

In general, by and large, the program is quite easy to manage and configure. Yes, and it will have to adjust by just changing the interface itself. The basic features and settings are presented in the automatic version and in most cases absolutely require no user intervention.